When the cows want a selfie…..

When just out and about checking on the animals, and the cattle decide they want a chat and a selfie…..I just had to oblige…….Me, Pickle, and her friend with no name who photobombed!!   We like to pride ourselves on our quality, quiet, well handled cattle with good behaviour and manners……its a must on a farm really, especially at Balcary where we have core paths running through more that half of the 500 acres…….Our girls see more visitors than you could shake a stick at……and have been photographed many times, you only have to look on facebook and there they are……..Walkers on the cliff path even comment (on facebook) they prefer to climb the fences into the field of cows rather than negotiate the cliff path at the heughs……We have some great new safety fencing erected by the Council along that part so hopefully all can enjoy the walks without feeling wobbly in the legs.  Our sheep certainly enjoy living life on the edge, grazing the shoreline to encourage the growth of many plant species which would otherwise be smothered by grasses and weeds.  Our biodiversity is tremendous at Balcary, many thanks to the animals and the caring way we farm, and manage the countryside as the custodians we are………..

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